Early Beta Impressions

The Gwent closed beta has finally arrived! It launched Tuesday this week, and it’s been met with a lot of excitement from the community. After playing it a lot this week I’m finally ready to give my initial impressions on the game and its current state.

Gwent Strategy: 5 Most Common Mistakes

The second “Kill the Servers” event was a great success, and the increased deck variety really showed how amazing the game can be. It was the first time most of us got to play the new version of Gwent – for many it might even have been the first time they played Gwent at all. So for all these new players I wanted to make a quick guide on how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes I noticed players making during the event.

Gwent: Big Changes

Big changes have been shown at the recent Kill the Servers Event – you now draw cards every round and can kill other units. How will all this affect the game? Are the changes good or bad? I bring you my opnioin in this in-depth look at the changing rules of Gwent.

7 Tips to improve your decks

This post was originally written about the Gamescom build and published Sep 1. I have since gone through and changed all the terminology, added some [comments] and updated any incorrect parts, so it should still apply and be relevant as of Oct 1 and the KtS build. And while most of the examples are still …